Not sending sample email


Not sending sample email

I've attempted to send a test email 3 times without it working. Please advise.
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Does it say that it was sent OK?


If so try another email address.  If you don't have one, sign up for a new address.

It good to use this as it mimics the current version of outlook pretty well too.



Hi @KenK5790


I'm sorry to hear that you're not receiving your test emails. @Clique_Marketing gave some great tips on how to find out if it's the email address that isn't working. Another thing you can try is to send yourself a blank template. If that goes through, then you would know that this is content related.

If you received the blank template via test, I would recommend making a copy of your current email that is in draft and delete a block > send a test.

Keep doing this until the email shows up in your inbox. Once it shows up, you'll know which area within the email was causing it to not be delievered and you can edit as needed in your original. 


Hope between my reply and Clique's that you get this working for you!