Not utilizing full contact list

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Not utilizing full contact list

I made a very small contact list of just 57 people I need to touch with a specific campaign, but when I go to send it, CC says it's sending to 35 people. What is going wrong here?

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Just tried to make a secondary list of the people who didn't get the first email, I put in 30 names and emails and this time it's only saying it will send to 5. When I go to choose an e-mail list on the schedule page they display as having fewer recipients than they do in the address book.


Hey @NateK53,


Thank you for reaching out to us! So I was able to take a peek at your contact list that you were referring to with the 57 contacts, and it appears some of them don't have the correct permissions turned on. What I mean by that is in each contact profile, it says whether or not you have permission to email them. When I clicked on a few of the contacts they read "No Permissions Set", so in turn, it won't allow the email to send to them. Once you manually switch them to "Permission to Send", then you will have no issue scheduling the email. When you're on your main contact management screen, there is a category on the left that contains all your email addresses that are currently "No Permissions Set" so they are easy to find. Please feel free to reach out if you have any more questions! 


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