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Nothing works, my screen freezes and I lose my work every time


Nothing works, my screen freezes and I lose my work every time

I have just begun my "free trial"... So far I am really not impressed. Trying to set an auto responder series. I added an additional email account for my "from" and "reply to" sections. After attempting to add it 3 times I STILL never got a verification email to verify using it. I moved on to attempt to create my emails and come back to that later. I can move forward about 2 steps and then EVERYTHING freezes. It won't save my work or let me move forward or backward. My only option is to reload the page and start again... Have wasted a lot of time so far. (And no, this is not an internet connection issue)
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This is exactly the problem I have - shocking that such a bug is allowed to exist in a live system. 

Hi @RonyE and @HelenW


I'm so sorry to hear you're running into those issues, but thank you both for reaching out to us so we can help troubleshoot what's going on. What browser are you working in when those issues occur? Can you please try using a different browser or your current one in safe/incognito mode to let us know if that helps at all? If not, this FAQ offers a few more troubleshooting steps as well. Please let us know if any of those work or if you are still running into those issues after trying those steps. 


@RonyE, have you had any success with verifying your email address to use in your account? If not, please send us an email at social_support(at)constantcontact(dot)com from the email address you'd like verified. If you could please reference this post as well that would be much appreciated. 


Thank you!

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