Number of bounced.

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That number is very suspect. The e mails listed have been accumulated over a number of years and have been received or sent to with some regularity. I would expect some bounce but not this much.
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Hello @WiiamP ,


Based on the bounce report for your last sent email, the majority of the bounces were either Blocked or Suspended. I'd recommend going through this article on bounces to determine the best course of action for addressing these bounces. For some, you may be able to resolve on your end, for others you may simply need to get rid of them.


For your blocks and undeliverables, you may be able to resolve this by simple applying email authentication to your account, especially self-authentication since you have your own domain.


For suspended addresses, there's not much to be done here other than remove them. If you want to try having them unsuspended en masse to be re-attempt sending to (after applying self-authentication), we ask that you call our Delivery team directly. They can expedite the mass-unsuspend, and will also want to look into why so many allegedly valid email addresses bounced as non-existent enough to result in our system suspending them.


If you have any other questions regarding this exceptionally large number of bounces, we'd recommend asking the Delivery team those as well for more specialized insight and guidance.

William A
Community & Social Media Support