Numbered list


Numbered list

I enjoy creating our church's eNewsletters using Constant Contact and believe that it is more user friendly than its major competitor. I do have just a few concerns.

I am adding this comment to the growing list of people who like to be able to create a fully functional numbered list in a Constant Contact eNewsletter.  My work around is to create the numbered list in Word. Save it as a PDF. Export it from Adobe Acrobat(not Reader - can't edit) as an image then upload and embed the image into the Constant Contact eNewsletter.  This process is not only time consuming but has it's limits as well. Among the limits, eNewsletter readers must remember to load images or miss valuable content (not the same as not seeing a regular picture image). Also, there is the issue of splitting images on multiple pages due to lack of traditional page breaking and page numbering. This is another issue that I hope Constant Contact addresses soon.        



Holy Apostles Church



Hello @JoyceB233 ,


Thank you for providing your feedback. While you are using the best workarounds, we do understand how it would be more convenient to edit the lists as you need to within the email editor. With that said, our engineers are looking into how to make this function, while maintaining the need for mobile compatibility and friendliness for deliverability. I've made sure to tag the applicable feature requests to your case, and submitted it to the engineers. If and when they have an update, they'll make sure to notify you.

William D
Community & Social Media Support

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