Old Platform vs New Platform


Old Platform vs New Platform

I work on the old platform with another company and feel there is a lot more customization such as adding colors to dividers etc. Did you take a lot of the customization away?Curious why? Also - how do I remove a picture from my library. I resized an image, but now I have 4 saved images on the same thing and its taking up space where I only really need to save one.
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Totally agree about the new v. old comment. They "dummed down" the editor quite a bit in many areas.


Go into your image library and you'll see a way to delete your images.


TIP:As far as images go, I suggest you use folders for sorting.

The system they have is very weak for file management once you start collecting a large number of files that you wish to delete from time to time.


Something also missing is the ability to determine if an image is used in an existing email.

If you delete the image it will no longer be available in the email at large.


Good Luck.