Omit emails from a send?

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Hi all - 

Several years ago, I was with another mass marketing service provider that had a tool that allowed you to include your list of recipients, but also include a list of emails you want to exclude from the full list.  For example: You send an email inviting 500 people to a reception. You have a list of the 500 who are invited, but you want to omit those 150 people who are already registered. With my previous service, you could upload a list of the 150 who are registered and the system could omit those emails from the list of 500 people for that specific email.  Is there an option/way to do that in CC?  I asked CC about this several (maybe 5) years ago and was told it was a feature they were working on. Just curious if anyone knows or can share insight.


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Hello @AngieB994 ,


You can go about this a couple different ways. Either by using segmentation or by making a secondary list and removing the unwanted contacts.


For your segmentation, just set the criteria to:

  • On List: your 500-membership list
  • AND
  • Not on list: your 150-membership list

Then just send to the segment.


For the secondary list variant:

  • Go to your 500-member list
  • Select All, Actions > Add to list > Create new (give it some obvious name like "Reduced Size List" or "Excluding Pre-Registers List") > Add
  • Go to your 150-member list
  • Select All, Actions > Remove from list > Reduced Size / Excluding Pre-Registers List

Now you can send the email to that smaller list.

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This is SUPER helpful!  I just manually removed close to 100 people from my master list because I didn't know this was an option. Thank so much!