On-boarding volunteers


On-boarding volunteers

We are a nonprofit and are wondering about using the feature of an automated series of emails for on-boarding volunteers.  Has anyone done something like this and can you tell me what worked and what didn't? Would love some ideas or feedback before I get started on this.


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Hello @JennyF08 ,


One way you can automate these emails is to have a lead generation landing page set up as the main interest/entry point. Once they complete that form that lands them on a list within Constant Contact. Once they are on that list, it will trigger the automation series to start. That first email within the series is like a welcome email, just saying thank you for your interest and signing up. The second email that sends out could be a learn more or additional information email about your non-profit, and what all they would be doing while volunteering. Then the final third email could be an official onboarding email that would have a link or button within saying click here to sign up and we will contact you for your volunteer day, time etc. I have also provided some links below to knowledge base articles about autoresponders and tips for them that may be helpful for you as well.






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