One Account with Multiple Brands

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Can my Constant Contact account support multiple brands? Our company does email marketing for a company that promotes multiple brands. Can we accomplish separate branding, reporting, and metrics under one umbrella account?

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Hello @GeorgeR51 ,


Since a physical address and other static info is required for sign up forms, emails, and other content, I wouldn't recommend having multiple brands going through your account unless it's explicit that your marketing company is the main one sending these out on behalf of the other companies. Having multiple brands under one account can also cause complications with email authentication, and thus deliverability. If you're expecting to have multiple brands to send out for, or even add additional brands over time, I'd recommend looking into our Partner program - which will allow for easier control over multiple, separate accounts. There's also financial incentives for Partners utilizing our system, regardless of the level of control you wish to have over those multiple accounts.

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