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One Event, Multiple Sessions, Limited Registration



I am having some trouble adding multiple choices for afternoon breakout sessions that have size limitations.  For example:

1:00pm - choose your topic:

1) Dogs

2) Cats

3) Birds


I want registrants to only be able to pick one topic to attend: the dog or the cat or the bird session, as all are happening at 1:00pm.  However, each topic can only have 30 people attend.  If you want to go to the Dog speaker, and 30 people have already selected Dogs, I need to let people know it is full and they need to either attend Cats or Birds.


Adding items for sale allows me to limit the number of people in each group - but seems to allow people to register for all 3 topics.


Adding a "Question" to registration I can limit people to one topic - but I don't see how I can limit the number of people who register for each topic.


Please help!


Hello @CindyS258


Thank you for reaching out in the Community! It sounds like you've already done a lot of research on the options in the event product. I know that it is important for you to be able to limit the registration options based on which break out sessions your customers attend. 


In order to achieve what you are looking to do, you would need to create separate events for each break out section. The other option would be that you could sign up with Eventbrite and use our integration with them. There may be some more flexible options within that integration. 



Alex S.
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