One recipient of mass mailing doesn't receive the emails

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I have been using ConstantContact for several years to send out church notices. Recently, one recipient has stopped getting our announcements. I tried recreating her contact information and altering the subject line with no luck.


She says that the emails are not in her spam mail. Oddly, If I forward the copy of the announcement I get, she gets the forwarded copy with no problems.



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Hello @DianeF74 ,


Is the contact one of your emails' bounces? If she's able to receive the forward (you sending the email from outside our system) and not the direct email sent through us, it means her domain or network is explicitly not trusting the original sendout.


You can look into switching your account's email authentication to self-authentication, since you have your own domain. Otherwise, I'd advise they check on their end to see if their email program or network needs our domains safelisted. They can also look into just marking any emails received from you as safe, by marking your address as safelisted.


Beyond that, I'd advise speaking with our Delivery team for more specialized insight and troubleshooting.

William A
Community & Social Media Support