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Oops I am sorry. Something went wrong


Oops I am sorry. Something went wrong

As a whole, I really do like Constant Contact, but I am finding more and more issues where I am not so sure I can trust CC.  I am tired of working on a newsletter just to have a pop-up spring on me, "Oops I am sorry. Something went wrong.  Please refresh."  I do not feel like seeing "OOPs"  when I have been working hard on a project just to see all my time and energy wasted, AND that I have to then redo my work.  I know you have auto-save, but it does not always work.  At this point, every time I write a sentence or two, I now hit save because I do not trust the system.


The other issue is, I am discovering that your computer or system is "unsubscribing" people who DID NOT unsubscribe.  


Russell A. Griffin


PS  I just went to hit the send button and a red banner went up saying that something went wrong.




Hello @FatherG ,


As far as the "Oops sorry" issue, how often does this occur? Does it only seem to be an issue when the system attempts to auto-save after every 3 changes? Does using a different browser or going Incognito / Private browsing alleviate the issue at all? Or does clearing your cache improve the experience?


As far as unsubscribes, our system does not unsubscribe anyone. People primarily only unsubscribe if they click the SafeUnsubscribe link at the bottom of emails. If a contact does get unsubscribed without action, then it's either an action by their email client/ISP, or due to them forwaridng the email to someone who clicked the unsubscribe button.

William D
Community & Social Media Support

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