Optimize campaign creation for iPad

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I would like to suggest you optimize all of the Constant Contact functions for iPad, including the ability to create a campaign. This function works up to a point but is “glitchy”. Today, it constantly went to “refresh” which was annoying; and I finally gave up trying to fix it. I called support but the rep was also unable to eliminate the glitch. Since. I am frequently away from my laptop I rely on my iPad for just about all of my basic computer needs. Please optimize Constant Contact for iPad to facilitate making my and others life easier and more productive. Thanks!

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Hello @BarbaraG66 ,


If building emails on mobile devices like an iPad, I'd advise using the mobile app, not the main website.


If your issues are in regards to the mobile app, then I'd advise calling general support and requesting a transfer to the Tier 2 mobile app team for live troubleshooting and assistance.

William A
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