Option to donate in lieu of attending an event


Option to donate in lieu of attending an event

Our agency sends paper invitations for our events and includes the Constant Contact link on our website for people to register and pay to attend. It was recently brought to my attention that when we click the option to donate instead of attending, our registrants ONLY receive that option when they are sent an email invitation to the event, which we don't usually send. Is there a way to make an option somewhere on the registration page itself to make a donation if they cannot attend the event? I would appreciate if someone can call me at . Thank you! Dana Lopez Communications Manager, The INN


HI @DanaL45

You can include a link to leave a donation on PayPal to your homepage if you are using one. This is typically the page that provides the people who didn't get the invite the details about your event. When, where, etc.


Can you take a look and see if this will work?



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