Order of Campaigns in Archive

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Order of Campaigns in Archive

As I set up a campaign archive, I am noticing that the campaigns are not listed in any discernible order. Is there a way I set in what order they appear? Many thanks!


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I recommend archiving the emails in reverse order of how you would like them to appear, and make sure you give the widget enough time to update between each archived email.


Example: if you want the archive to display in chronological order

  • Archive starting with the oldest campaign
  • Wait for it to show on the archive
  • Archive the next oldest campaign

It may take some time to get it set up the way you want, but once its set, you will be able to archive as you send out each campaign knowing it will show at the top as the newest campaign. If you have emails displaying out of order, please unarchive, and rearchive.

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Thank you for the clarification. It would be a true help to users of the archives if we did not have to pay so much attention to the order in which we actually click on "Archive" on a campaign. Some other mechanism for ordering the archive is certainly called for. Many thanks.