Outlook changes the format of the email

I have noticed that outlook must have done some modifications to its setting and now my email campaigns that go to an outlook email look drastically different. I seems that the main body size of the templates become drastically wider when sent to outlook and the text no longer fits the same as previewed in the template. How can I widened the body so that it looks the same in outlook and all the email other platforms.

Hello @DanK21 ,


I'd advise reaching out to Outlook's support to see if they'd have any insight on what would be compressing the emails widths in your program, or if there's a specific setting that would be forcing the view change.


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I have noticed the same thing. I test my emails in Outlook, Comcast email and Gmail. It is amazing how formatting changes in each. Add in mobiles (Mail, Outlook, Gmail) and it makes your head spin. I have finally decided to limit myself to ensuring that my emails don't blow up for the most part and call it good. Some things I can never get right across all platforms.

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