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I just re-sent to non-openers an email previously sent because I felt the original subject line was not as good a draw as this type of email usually is for us. However it was disappointing that I could only change the subject line but not the preheader I understand that this type of send doesn't let you change the content, and I was ok with that. But my original preheader (several days ago) was promoting an event happening today. I would have liked to change the word "Sunday" in the preheader to "today" and maybe rephrase with a little more urgency, but there was no way to do it.


I know the workaround is to create a whole new email, but then the stats are tracked separately, which is not as ideal for me as seeing them within the same campaign report.


Another question, when I send it to "non-openers" does that include anyone who is new to the list since the first email was sent? Or do I have to do a separate send to new contacts--I see there is a separate option for that. I don't want to do it if they are already goingn to get it as part of the "non-opener" send.


Hello @JulieL34,


Thank you for your feedback! We understand why you would like the option to update the preheader as well and will track your feedback on this. Your contacts that are new to the list will be included in the resend to non-openers option, so no need to send a second to only new contacts. Thanks! 

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I had this problem as well. I started by editing an older email, and was able to change the preheader with the email that will go out first. However, that did not carryover to the resend. This is really annoying, as I'd much prefer to be able to track the full impact of my email.

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