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So I have created a newsletter that has 4 pages on it. Is it possible to have them all uploaded in a single campaign? Like sending 4 pages of the newsletter in one go?




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Hello @L18232 ,


You'd need to use an outside program to convert all 4 pages to images, then upload those into your account so they can be added to the email. Bear in mind, that as images any linked text or images within the PDF won't translate over, they'd only function in the actual PDF format. It's also generally not advisable for your email to be all images, as it tends to set off email program security algorithms.


My recommendation would be to either utilize your first page as a preview image in your email, connect to your overall PDF via the image, a button, some text, etc., and include some text to entice your contacts to click the link(s) to the larger PDF - which is the default nature of emails made from PDFs.

William A
Community & Social Media Support