PDF converted Image (PNG) quality

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PDF converted Image (PNG) quality



I converted the first page of my PDF file into an image file to be used for newsletter. It would be great if I can enhance the quality of the image since now the quality is not good enough and charcters in it are a bit vague. Look forward to hearing back from you. 



Sangyoung YUN


Hello @USKoreaInst,


The quality of your image could have to do with the size it was imported at. The suggested image size for emails is no more than 350KB or 800 pixels wide. For besy quality, we recommend a width of no more than 600 pixels. I took a look at your account and it appears that your image is larger than what we recommend at 814KB and 650x919 pixels, which is why it is being condensed and losing some image quality. Try to resize the image, and your quality should be a lot more clear!

Hayley L
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