Pattern Please Facebook email post doesn't work!

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API Permission - What in the  does this mean??? I can't post my email to my Facebook page. It use to be so easy. VERY, VERY UNHAPPY...considering I pay about 

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Hello @PatternPlease ,


I'm not seeing an error message on your latest Facebook post, and it appears to have submitted successfully. If you receive an error message like that again, it means that Facebook doesn't recognize the API permissions between your Constant Contact account and your Facebook business page. Occasionally Facebook will force all 3rd party platforms connecting with its API (such as us) to do permission resets as a security measure, which in turn requires customers using those platforms to disconnect and reconnect their accounts. Typically the most straightforward way of fixing this is to force an API permissions reset for the FB page.


To do this, you can disconnect your social accounts from your CTCT account, disconnect our permissions from your platforms' settings, then reconnect them. Then either copy or remake the post for your page, and try republishing it. If you still get the same error, please let us know so we can continue to investigating.

William A
Community & Social Media Support