Payment methods for an event

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Can i pass on the credit card charges to the customer?


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Hello @CLCAsacval ,


With the current event system, you'd need to adjust pricing if you're wanting to receive a base amount and accommodate the providers' fees. Are you wanting to make the passed-on fees optional or required?


If required, you'll need to adjust the price of your entry fee and items to accommodate the event platform fee, payment processor fee, and of course the increase in price from covering those. PayPal and WePay charge different amounts for transactions, so make sure to adjust your pricing based on whichever you use - or default to the higher cost of PayPal if both are options. If the transaction is made in a currency other than USD, you will be charged the equivalent of the above in the currency of the transaction. Please note that the PayPal fee may vary depending on your specific agreement with PayPal. Please follow up with PayPal with any questions.


For more info on charging admission for events


Generally speaking, increasing the base price by $1 and 7% or more should be able to accommodate the charges, and allow you to receive the base amount you're wanting. For some examples of how increasing the prices would accommodate pricing:

  Base Price Increased Price
Example 1 $10 $11.70
CTCT+PayPal total charges $1.60 $1.70
You receive $8.40 $10
Example 2 $100 $107.50
CTCT+PayPal total charges $6.99 $7.44
You receive $93.01 $100.06




If you're wanting to make the coverage of the platform fee an optional element for your registrants to pay for, you can include those as items. You'd want to likely include a description of why you're asking for the optional extra amount, explaining that your providers charge transaction fees on all online purchases and that any additional amount the registrants pay help to offset this amount. For example, the setup might look something like this in the Event Settings:

Screenshot 2021-11-16 102620.jpg


And on the registration form, as an example:

Screenshot 2021-11-16 102832.jpg


You can have up to 100k of a single item available. Depending on the price of your event, you may want to increase or decrease the cost of the item, or add varying values of items (e.g. $3 coverage, $10 coverage, etc.) I'd recommend going through this article, which covers how to add items to your event, and includes pricing for the transaction fees as guidance for adjusting your pricing.

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