Personal Info Security


Personal Info Security

One of our members did a search for her name on the web. All her personal information appeared from our Constant Contact ‘secured’ web site. How can Google search through our site and scan documents we post to the site when I as administrator have to use a password?


This is an extremely upsetting situation which means we cannot post any information that has personal info. We store documents and photos on CC site to link in our newsletter but now we obviously have to find some other site that is ‘secure’!

Constant Contact > files > PDF

Friendship Directory 5/31/2019…

The listing included all her personal info, phone, address, cell.


Hi @TerriH203 


I apologize for any confusion there may be with the available online versions of your sent emails. With every email that is sent, a permanent URL version of it is created. These URLs allow you to include a website version in your email, share your email on social media, and appear in a Google search. Because of this any information shared in this email, including linked PDFs, will also be viewable. With that said, if you can please email us at social_support(at)constantcontact(dot)com with your username, document name, and a reference to this post we can submit a request to have this link broken on your behalf.

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