Personalization of e-mails and social media

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Personalization of e-mails and social media

I love using the process to personalize an e-mail with the users name, but what I didn't realize was how this transfers when you use the auto post feature on social media when scheduling your post.  The subject line I used today for my newsletter was set up to say "Joan: What are YOU Doing to Stop End Ageism?", or the option "Fellow Pioneer".  When I went to look at the post on Facebook and Twitter, I was surprised to see that the post read - [[FIRSTNAME OR "Fellow Pioneer"]]: What are YOU Doing to Stop End Ageism? 


Is there a that the posts can go to option set up, the default salutation?  On Facebook, I was able to edit, but you can't edit Twitter.  If this is what happens, then it eliminates the ability to do the direct link to social media - and I love that feature!  






Hello @Christie-D,


That's a great question! When you're setting up your Social Share post, you actually have the ability to change that text before you post it to your Social sites! Here's how: 

  1. The post content - We pre-populate text for each post but you can click the "New Suggestion" link to generate new content. If you'd rather not use the suggested text, delete it and create your own! Use 5-8 words to convey something funny, interesting, or compelling - a way to connect with your customers. Read more here on creating content that customers will share.


edit social post


If you have any additional questions about that process, please let us know! 

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I suggest constant contact have a default message to warn customers about this issue if you don't manually change the  it.  I would've appreciated a heads up ahead of time-I would've gladly edited the subject line.  Maybe the code was there and I didn't even pay attention to it, assuming it would go out like it does for an email, as others had not also.  Since this is the first time I used the coded personalization feature on my email, people were asking why it said what it did.  Sometimes we have partners, owners, bosses to answer to and I could not explain why it did what it did and felt pretty stupid.  Yikes!

Hi @LaurieH384


Thank you for reaching out to the Constant Contact Community. I hope you're having a pleasant weekend.


That's excellent feedback regarding the default text. I have submitted the feedback directly to our product team. Please feel free to reach out if you need anything further. Thank you for choosing Constant Contact. Have a great day!


Adrienne B.
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