Photo link in my email doesn't always work

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Problem with images in newsletter I have applied a link to my photos in my newsletter so that my clients can just click on the photo to see it on my website. Initially this worked fine but sometimes after a while a link or two sends me to a different photo in my website library, not the one I intended. This has happened to several images in my newsletter, and seems to be very random. I have reapplied the link and it will work for a while, then out of the blue the link sends me to another image from my website library. What can I do to make the initial link stay connected to the photo I applied it to?
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Hello @DennisF212 ,


Is the actual link changing, or is it the same URL just going to a different image? Are you linking to these images on your own website, or to the URL provided when you upload an image to your Constant Contact library?

William A
Community & Social Media Support