Please list the Legacy Email Editor functions that the 3rd Generation Email Editor is missing

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Please list the Legacy Email Editor functions that the 3rd Generation Email Editor is missing

I called Customer Support today to confirm that the Legacy Email Editor is being disabled on October 1, 2020.  It is.  I have used Constant Contact since 2013 as a volunteer for a non-profit organization.  I was asked what features are missing from the 3rd Generation Editor that the Legacy Editor has.  I named a few but there are many of you that have brought up missing functions that I am unaware of.  After all, we have been asking for most of these features for the last five years or so.  I will start the list.  Please feel free to add or elaborate.  This is a last ditch effort that Constant Contact will take heed.


HTML Editing

Method to reuse content between emails



Block Borders

Two column layout that is an actual column that individual blocks can go into

Font that displays correctly in desktop and mobile versions

Use entire real estate of desktop - don't need 2/3rds of the screen to be background

Forward to a Friend button

Join Email List button

View in Browser link




Hello @M.ElaineD ,


Starting this thread is a good idea so that other Community users can know which features aren't available at the moment while transitioning from the legacy email editor (2ge) to the mobile-compatible email editor (3ge). With that said, I do want to address some of the ones you've listed already.


  1. HTML editing is still possible by using the custom code editor. Of course, this requires that you know how to totally code and build the email from the ground up initially. There's a few different reasons accessing the style sheet in 3ge hasn't been included, mainly Compliance and troubleshooting-related elements. It is something our engineers are aware of some customers wanting, but in the meantime the custom code editor provides this in full.
  2. For re-using content between emails, can you elaborate on what you mean by this? Is copying a previous email not achieving what you're needing? Our engineers are looking into ways that action block setups can possibly be "saved" like an image or document in the library, but at this point we wouldn't have an ETA on the release of such a feature or system. Additionally, can you elaborate on what was available in 2ge that isn't available in 3ge in regards to this? 3ge also allows you to copy and move rows / blocks as needed for construction.
  3. Tables are largely incompatible with mobile-friendly / mobile-compatible email setups. This is a common element across the industry, and why our engineers are still working on a way to make it possible in our editor. The issue largely tends to come up from when emails are reformatted for mobile viewing, which is almost wholly necessary for deliverability in this age of emailing, per the algorithms of email clients. This is why, for the time being, our engineers suggest building the table in an outside program and then using screenshots or uploading the document to ensure the table's integrity is maintained when presented in the email.
  4. Anchor links by and large no longer work with the vast majority of email clients, and in fact can hurt the deliverability of emails via major email companies' algorithms. This is why 3ge does not have the ability to add them. For a bit more insight on why anchor links are generally not advisable to use, feel free to check out this article.
  5. Several of our templates do have specialized borders that can be included, and we do have several different layout types that include borders for blocks. With that said, this is a popular suggestion, and one that our engineers and designers are looking into a true solution for, that is compatible with 3ge.
  6. You can, in fact, do multiple columns in 3ge. Typically you'll want to start by having your two columns' top blocks put in, then add blocks to the bottom (where the pink line only appears under the one side's block) of each column. When this is re-arranged in mobile viewing, it will maintain the integrity of the columns' contents, without causing it to be jumbled up. Otherwise we also have several layout options available with multi-column options.
  7. Can you please describe what font issues you've been having? While we do offer a wide array of font options that are typically available on most devices, it's also dependent on the end user's system to display font as expected. Some email recipients' devices may not have a font available, which as our system mentions when using less common fonts, will be reformatted to what their device does have available. The engineers are always looking for more ideas for font options available in the editor, so feel free to provide some you'd like to see in future developments.
  8. The 600-650px template width is pretty common industry-wide, though some of our pre-built template options go wider and skinnier for more specialized purposes. This is also the template width that our engineers saw as performing and delivering best during their extensive tests before the release of 3ge a few years ago. Of course, how the email presents for a contact will also somewhat depend on their own device and email view setup. Smaller resolution monitors will also tend to fill the screen more than a higher resolution monitor, assuming the contact is using their device and email client's default viewing.
  9. Based on tracking of the 2ge system, the forward-to-a-friend tool was one of the least used aspects of it, which was one of the reasons it wasn't included in the initial release of 3ge. With that said, if it's something the engineers are able to add, and it has enough demand, it's possible it will be added in the future.
  10. The Join Email List button is available by default in the View-As-Webpage / Share URL version of the email. Additionally, you can copy the link for the legacy landing page sign up form, or the link for the new version of the landing page sign up form, and add it as a button, text, or image link in your email.
  11. View as Webpage is already available in 3ge. Feel free to peruse this article for step-by-step instructions and visual aids.


I've made sure to track the applicable SRQ's and submit your case to the engineers for further review and for tracking purposes, so if and when there are any elements to these feature requests, they'll make sure to notify you.


Additionally, I hope other community users chime in with what they want to see, so we can make sure to further track and alert the devs, or so we can provide insight on how to do something that's already available. Email marketing is our bread-and-butter, even as we've branched out into other online marketing forms, so we're always working on ways to improve and expand 3ge. If you've any other suggestions or wish to have us elaborate on one of the points above, just let us know. 


Thank you for getting this thread started, and we look forward to hearing from you! 

William D
Community & Social Media Support

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Thank you very much for your very prompt, gracious and thorough response.   It is really appreciated.


My responses will be coming from a different perspective so here is a little background.  I am a retired Information Technology Consultant (25+ years).  My clients were comprised of Law Firms and Military, so I am used to tough customers.   Now I am a volunteer with a non-profit social organization. My organization has been using Constant Contact since 2013 at my recommendation.  The Constant Contact features we use are Emails, Automated Emails, Events, Surveys, Polls and Social Media posts.  I love that all of these functions are integrated into the Constant Contact suite with the ability to work from one Contact source.  I have recommended Constant Contact to many organizations.  I also love that I am able use my technology experience and spare time to volunteer in the community.


The key words in the above paragraph are RETIRED and VOLUNTEER.  I have limited time and don't get paid to produce emails with the goal of keeping my target audience very informed on a timely basis.  My audience's median age is 60 years old.  We split about 50/50 on reading emails on computer/mobile.  Most are not tech-savvy and have done little customization to their devises.  Many will not hesitate to provide negative feedback - they are also tough customers.  I use the 3rd generation editor for the majority of our emails but we produce a weekly Newsletter which is where the Legacy editor shines.


Please see my responses to your comments below "by the numbers." 


  1. HTML Editing.  I have reviewed the Custom Code Editor.  As you may surmise, I am not personally interested in coding an entire email. I used HTML editing to copy and save the block code to use in a different email.  Frankly, that was a work-round but saved me HOURS of work.  
  2. Reusing Content between Emails.  Please see Item 1.  As I understand it, your solution is to find an email from a year(s) ago, copy the entire email just to re-use one content block?  How does this work with multiple blocks from different emails?  And then you must edit the rest of the email to the current need.  Sorry, it is much more efficient to go to my organized hard drive and copy the HTML snippet into a new block in my newly created/template email.  With the first introduction of the new Email Editor, the ability to have a Content Library (similar to images) has probably been the TOP REQUEST.  Why is it taking so long to implement this?
  3. Tables.  Your proposed solutions do not work if you have multiple links in the table, e.g. a list of officer's names and corresponding clickable email addresses.
  4. Anchor Links.  We will have to agree to disagree on this one.  Anchor links work on my desktop and mobile versions of the legacy emails.  I have zero complaints from my recipients that they aren't working.  Your link provided information on all methods that I already use in addition to Anchor Links.  However, there is still a need for a Table of Contents feature in my Newsletter emails.
  5. Borders.  I look forward to the resolution of this issue.
  6. Multiple Columns.  From my initial testing, the two sides of the column operated as one entity. I want each block to work individually. I will take your suggestions and see if they work for my purposes.  Thank you.
  7. Font Issues.  Working with a CC provided template that has not been altered and with devices that have not been customized … the desktop font is too small to read on a 19" monitor.  The email presents as a skinny column of text with lots of blank space on either side.  Of course, the View on the PC can be adjusted.  But should it have to be increased just to read a Constant Contact email, then switched back for other emails/programs?  The default font being used is Times Roman 12pt. 
  8. Template Width.  See Item 7.  I can't help feeling that the desktop users (60% of my audience as of 9/9/20) are being left in the dust to accommodate the mobile users.  Here is the bottom line.  If an email is hard to read, the recipient will not read it or worse, will unsubscribe.
  9. Forward to a Friend.  Kindly direct the Engineers to resolve Items 1 and 2.  I will design my own button.
  10. Join Email List.  Kindly direct the Engineers to resolve Items 1 and 2.  I will design my own button.
  11. View as Webpage. Thank you.  I will add this feature that was previously a default in the Legacy Editor.

In conclusion, I have created a Newsletter Email Template in the Legacy Editor that is easily readable on mobile and desktop, is highly customizable and has an efficient method for reusing content.  The format is not cookie-cutter, it is uniquely branded and recognized as informative and readable.  I know there are other CC users that feel the same.  Why would we be willing to give that up?


I may (or may not) be able to develop a reasonable facsimile of my Legacy Newsletter Template in the 3rd generation editor.  But the inability to reuse content is the real deal-breaker.  I am unwilling to spend my volunteer time recreating the wheel every week.


This post was my last hope that someone at CC is actually considering their customers' feedback. It is obvious that a thorough needs assessment for the Email Editor was either never performed or they talked to people who didn't actually use it on a day-to-day basis.  We see new features added to CC – Websites, E-Commerce, New Contacts View, etc. – while functionality disappears from the existing products.  I hope that my frustration has not come off as snark, but look at it from your long-time users' perspective before you lose us.  We've been trying to get your attention for years.