Poll results


Poll results

When i have the poll results opened and can see the names of the people that i want to add to list, i click the button and nothing pops open. How come??


Hello @CharlesS28 ,


I'm sorry you've had some trouble with getting your poll results added to lists. It looks like you've run into an odd glitch in our system, which our engineers are still working on. I got your case submitted to the engineers, along with a description of the issues so they can reach out if and when there's an update.


This issue seems to typically come up when there's multiple pages of results (even at 100 showing per page), for example the "Yes" respondents to your iPad poll. There are two potential workarounds I can suggest for the meantime:


Download All of your responses, then go into Excel and clear out the people you don't want to add to the list.


Select a Response Type, set the page length to be 100 results per page (the current max), and then do each page at a time with Add to List. 


When I investigated and did some stress testing on my end, these were the two quickest ways to accomplish what you're trying to do.

William D
Community & Social Media Support

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