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I created a poll in a newsletter (have done so for 3 months). This month the reporting gives results from the previous month's poll, How can I 1) prevent this happening in the future and 2) retrieve results of my current poll?
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Hello @LoriC7 ,


This appears to be a glitch that can occur when copying a poll block into a campaign, and re-editing it. As a workaround, I'd recommend deleting the original poll block each time you copy an email, and insert a brand new one. 


Another potential option, if you do these polls regularly as part of your newsletter, is to create a reusable template that will always be in Draft. For this reusable template, you'll want to set your poll block's coloring as desired, as well as setup all the other basic formatting and layouts that would be applied to every newsletter. These can be things like custom footers, contact and social info, header logos, article layouts without the substance added, etc. Once that's all setup, you can then safely copy from the drafted master template each time and not have to rebuild the poll block every time. This is also generally a best practice anyway, since copying directly from a reusable template will avoid the kinds of built-up junk coding that can occur after several generations of copying copies. 


As far as getting your response data for this particular campaign, you can check the Click-Through Distribution for the email, and match the link to what shows when you preview the email and hover over a poll block option. They'll be the "https://campaignlp.constantcontact.com/forms/response" links with the long string of numbers, letters, and symbols afterwards. Keep in mind they'll be pretty similar due to being within the same campaign, but at the end they'll have their more unique combination of letters and numbers. For example in your email, the link with "FYMefTsr-aw&encVer=1" is the option for Daisy, and the link with "XN6S9LkQxSg&encVer=1" is the option for the park. 

William A
Community & Social Media Support