Polls results not showing up in Report

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Several of the emails sent out that contain polls have reported no results. Respondents have said that they definitely clicked on the poll button and were taken to a "Thank you" web page. I have personally clicked on a Yes button and my response did not show up in the report.

Hello @SIR101BigSIRDennis ,


I've tracked the known service request for the issue you're describing, and submitted it to our engineers for further review. If and when they have an update regarding this, they'll notify you directly.


In the meantime, I'd advise one of the following paths:

  • Create a master template of this kind of email you're regularly sending out. Then copy directly from that each time, so your copies are using cleaner, fresher coding and avoiding erroneous coding buildup from too many generations of copies of copies.
  • Wholly delete the poll block in every copy of this template that you do, then add a fresh, new poll block each time so that block specifically is 100% new.

If the workarounds I've described above do not seem to alleviate your issue, please let us know so we can update your existing case and the service request for the issue.

William A
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Wait... You say "Wholly delete the poll block in every copy of this template that you do, then add a fresh, new poll block each time so that block specifically is 100% new." If this is a known problem (using a copy of a prior campaign, leads to code cruft), why can't Constant Contact just fix that problem and verify that no additional code is somehow embedded in the copy? Seems like a simple programming fix, no?

Note: I am able to review the clicked-on links in the Click-through Distribution section of the report, so the data to determine what button was clicked-on is available. And, with a little guessing, I can count out the clicked links for each response, manually. The program should be able to do that, no?  I can't faithfully "Accept as Solution" for this issue.

Hello @SIR101BigSIRDennis,


The click through rate will absotluley show which links the customer has selected and you should be able to see each response manually, yes. In the meantime, inserting a brand new poll block every time you want to send an email campaign will fix this momentarily. Inserting a brand new poll block will allow for results to come through each time you send a different campaign, until our engineers get this fixed permanently. Thanks! 

Zoe H.
Community & Social Media Support

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