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I've created a social media ad in canva. The ad has clickable links and is saved as a pdf. How do I use it in constant contact as I can't use a pdf, only jpegs? If I save it as a jpeg, the clickable links are no longer active. Help!

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Hello @KristiS988 ,


You'll need to upload that PDF either into your CTCT account (if it's 5 MB or less) or into a different cloud drive / hosting service. Then you can grab its share link, and add that to a social campaign. Since social media platforms don't typically (or consistently) let documents be attached, adding the share link provided by a host service will allow those interacting with your social post to be redirected to the full document for viewing and clicking.


When adding a link to your social posts, just paste it as is. If the platform needs to rewrite / shorten your URL (such as Twitter), they'll do so automatically upon posting. Make sure to also check what the different platforms are trying to pull up for the link preview (such as with Facebook). Some platforms, such as Instagram, absolutely do not let links work live / let them be clickable in a post's description, so you'd need to add it to your bio (or to the redirection page already in your bio, such as a custom landing page made through us). You may need to make variations of the same social post since different platforms can treat links in significantly different ways.


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