Posting to Facebook without Social Share

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Posting to Facebook without Social Share

Prior to the new update that launched in October, after I sent the email out, I was able to (from my personal email) convert the email into a format and then post it directly to Facebook from my email without having to log back into CC and do everything via Social Share.  With the new version, the email is no longer allowing me to do this?  Is there a way to do it or am I now required to use social share.  And, if I am required to use only social share, how can my other staff members or clients share the campaign on their own FB page if this option is no longer available?  Basically, how do you share the campaign on FB WITHOUT Social Share?


Hello @CarolaS ,


Whenever you send a live email, we generate a unique URL for it (the same one that replaces the View as Webpage coding once the email is sent). This link can be accessed and used in social share via the email campaign's reporting tab, it can be pasted into a post made in the social tab at the top of your navigation bar, and it can also just be pasted and shared elsewhere as a general hyperlink (e.g. tweets, facebook status updates, ads, personal pages, websites, etc.)

William D
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