Preventing Blacklisting

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Preventing Blacklisting

We have a lot of subscribers but still occasionally get a spam reporting. My team occasionally has an email sent to a customer's spam box (without using the constant contact service, just sending directly from their gmail account). I just want to make sure we are not in danger of this becoming more common. Can take a look at our account and comment/advise? 


Hi @KenF2272 


Thank you for reaching out to the Community! Just to clarify, are you seeing spam reports in the campaign reporting section of your account? Or are contacts reaching out to you and personally reporting your campaign lands in their spam folder? This is an important detail to clarify as any spam reports in your campaign reporting is actually not connected to your email's deliverability. But rather it is your contact reporting and marking your campaign as spam.


With that said, I would be happy to take a look at your account and give feedback. I have taken a look at your most recent campaign and can see you have a good balance of text and images. In fact the email is short and sweet. Though you included a personalized greeting, the rest of the text does appear to be generic. Is it possible to include other contact details in the email as well?


Content isn’t the only common reason for trigger the spam filtering . Your reputation as an email sender, along with your contacts' engagement with your emails, can affect it. Not only this, but your emails are all sent from different addresses. The sending address can cause an email to be delivered to spam depending on your contact’s domain’s DMARC policy. Have you considered authenticating your email? Doing this can help ISPs identify your email as legitimate and build your reputation as a safe sender. The good news is we also have deliverability specialists available by phone who can help take a further look at the deliverability experience for any contacts or email campaigns in particular.

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To be more clear, it is not relating to our emails via Constant Contact. My salesteam is reaching out to clients via our email hosted in Google business apps. My salesteam is concerned that a few of those emails have gone to their clients spam boxes. 

My main goal here was to make sure that our email campaigns were not in anyway linked to this. I checked out IP and domain reputation and we are all good there. 

My hunch is my salesteam had a couple coincidental incidents and are concerned for no reason. Thank you for your help. 

We work very hard to keep things clean in our constant contact account. And though we do send out to large-ish subscriber lists, I find we have a very low unsubscribe and spam reporting rate. Almost zero. 

Thanks again for your help.