Preview versus actual email

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Preview versus actual email

I am creating a custom code email.  The preview looks fine but when I open from my outlook email the entire image is distorted and the full email is not loading. Any suggestions as to what could be causing this error?


Hello @NinaW93 ,


I took a look at the email you created and I was able to recreate the issue you're describing in my Outlook client. When tested, it seems the issue only ever occurs in Outlook, which indicates it being a matter of what Outlook is capable of reading. After speaking with our higher level technical team, they're noticing some interesting coding being used, which may be the cause of why Outlook is cutting off / hiding portions of the email and the text overlaying the imagery.


They're suggesting getting the top portion (essentially everything down to the Learn More button) to be one cohesive image. No splits, no text overlaying, just an image with all the text, etc. and make that the clickable link that Learn More leads to. They're also suggesting using a web-safe font that Outlook won't try to force a change of. Since Outlook doesn't seem to be recognizing the Roboto font currently being used, you may want to try one of the basic ones listed at the top of this article, since that may also be partially affecting how Outlook displays the email. The more of your email you can make into one cohesive piece, as opposed to a series of text-overlaid images, the better the outcome will be. 


With that said, if you continue to run into issues after trying out the suggestions they provided, you may wish to call and work with them directly. You can get in touch with the higher level technical team by calling our general support line, and then requesting to speak with the custom code team / Tier 2 team. To make the call smoother, you can mention your Community case number 27359941, which will have a link to this thread, as well as the correspondence between me and the Tier 2 agent.

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