Problem with gmail group email addresses




I work for a school and we have a group email (Gmail) address for all staff and faculty that we have always included in one of our Constant Contact mailing lists. 


Recently I learned that there are some individuals in the group that aren't receiving their Constant Contact emails.  They are correctly listed in the group email and aren't doing any special screening/filtering in their email accounts. 


Has anyone had problems using group gmail email addresses (email address that delivers to multiple individual email addresses) in a Constant Contact mailing list?  





Hello @Josephinum1890 ,


My recommendation would be to check with those affected contacts, to see if safelisting your account's sending email in their personal settings will aid in the deliverability. Otherwise, you could also speak with your organization's IT team to make sure our domains are safelisted. It'd also be a good idea to set up self-authentication.


If you continue to have issues, then I'd recommend speaking with our Deliverability team for more specialized insight and troubleshooting.

William A
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