Problems with an e-mail regarding a COVID-19 update that we were sending our service clients.


Problems with an e-mail regarding a COVID-19 update that we were sending our service clients.

Dear Constant Contact, 

Today, as we developed a special announcement to our NJ service community about COVID-19 and sent it to some of our contacts we experienced problems when some of our contacts forwarded our e-mail to their contacts.  The resulting e-mails that were forwarded do not meet our standards and we are VERY disappointed in the fact that the recipients of the e-mails will read these e-mails thinking that we created them.  I've included images (screenshots) of the e-mail.  The 1st screenshot is the e-mail after it one of our contacts forwarded it to others (outside of Constant Contact) and the 2nd screenshot is the e-mail we created in Constant Contact and sent to our contacts in the system.

We do not want this to reoccur and need your assistance to ensure that does not repeat.  We are unhappy with this situation and hope that you can help us.  Please contact us as soon as possible so that we can handle this situation.  My contact information is below.



Brenda Cruz

Manager, Training Services & Distance Learning





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Hello @Yurikod 


I am so sorry you experienced this. However, we can only ensure the way an email is going to look when coming from Constant Contact. Once that email gets dropped into someones box and they forward it we have no control how the next party will receive. We suggest adding everyone that needs the email to your mailing list. If you have a sign up form on your website any new contact can be added there rather than forwarded the email. This will ensure everyone gets the best looking email possible. 

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