Purchasing subscription on behalf of another employee or group

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I'm responsible for credit card purchases at my company, but I won't be using Constant contact myself.  It seemed I had to use my email to set  it up - but now I want to designate someone else as the end user,  with ability to set up the account information as they want it - with full control, except they should not have access to the billing information or ability to create additional charges.  I still need access to the account to make payments or add services after approval - but I don't want my email to be a default for campaigns, because if the content creators tend to forget to change it I'll be bombarded with emails that should be going to them.   Also, I may need to purchase several accounts for different people/groups, and I have to keep coming up with a new email address to use each time.   Is there a more 'business friendly' way to approach the Email Plus subscriptions - where it is understood that the person placing the order may not be the actual account owner, just the billing contact ?   

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Hello @FirstNameL9705240. Thank you for reaching out. When it comes to user roles and permissions in accounts, only the Account Owner can control and see the billing information. If you are looking to have someone be the "Account Owner" but not have access to that area of the account, you will want to assign them as the Account Manager. They will be able to see and print invoices and statements but cannot make account changes like editing how the account is billed or adding/editing users. You will also want to update the My Account area to change over the Account Email to the user who will be considered the "default" from address and update the Billing information to have you be notified instead. 


With all of this considered, you mentioned you would be managing multiple accounts and you are correct that email addresses cannot be used across multiple accounts. It may be worth contacting our Partner team to see what options are available through our Partner program


Caitlin M.
Community Manager