Quantity discount for raffle


Quantity discount for raffle

I work for a not-for-profit charitable organization, and as an annual fundraiser we hold a basket raffle. We have several baskets filled with different goodies available for raffle. The participants pay for a number of chances to win a basket, and can divide up their choices between different baskets offered in the raffle. Our current raffle pricing is 10 chances for $5, or 25 chances for $10. This year we want to be able to broaden our efforts by offering the basket raffle online.


I am trying different ways to create an online event for this and use the registration page to allow the person to select their donation level and then allocate their choices between the baskets we offer. But I have not found a really good solution yet, and I want to see if anyone has found a better way to do this.

The closest I have come so far is to create a registration page that has 2 fees (either the $5 or $10 donation level), and then list the baskets as Items that they can select for free. The problem is that there is no way to limit the person to the number of selected chances.


So does anyone have any creative suggestion on how I can better accomplish what I am trying to do?


Hello @KenD52


Here are a couple of suggestions to see if this will help: 


  • Use Items with Options.  If you let your registrants choose Options for Items you can have them select a quantity for each "Option."  This would typically be used for something like selling T shirts and having someone pick their size as the option. 
  • Use a Custom Question to ask what baskets someone would want to put their Tickets into (you can ask them to list them in order of importance).  This would take a little more manual work, but gives you a way to see how someone would want to distribute their tickets.

Hopefully these ideas help or might spark some other ideas about how to use the event registration.  

Thank you for the suggestions - I will try working with those and if I find a way to make it work smoothly I will post the solution.