Question About Vacation/Auto Reply Bounces


Question About Vacation/Auto Reply Bounces


Just a couple of quick questions: 


1. When someone has their vacation/auto-reply set when we send an email to them, even though we see that as a bounce, they're still receiving the email (and theoretically will open it at some point), correct?


2. I'm contemplating sending out a weekly newsletter to staff using Constant Contact. I know that odds are the vast majority of people on our staff mailing list will have their vacation/auto-reply on at some point that we send out the 53 emails a year. If a person gets bounced for auto-reply reasons multiple times, will that eventually cause their email to become suspended? If so, how many bounces before that happens? This is a mandatory email that people need to read, so we need to make sure that everyone on the list actually receives it.


Thanks so much! 


Hi @TMG_Wisconsin


Great questions! You are correct; even though you get a vacation/auto-reply from a contact they can theoretically open your email at a different time. Normally these auto-replies are set up to acknowledge your email has been received but they are not currently in office or available to read it. So if a contact bounces repeatedly for an auto-reply they will not be marked as suspended. Contacts are only marked as suspended after bouncing repeatedly as Non-existent, which these contacts are not. Here is an article we have in our Help Center that can also help explain the different bounce types there may be. 

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