Question about Bounces and Re-Subscribes

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Question about Bounces and Re-Subscribes

Hey there,


I've got 2 Questions today.


   First, I was wondering why an email address bounced. The first campaign we sent out, it appears this email address did not bounce, although it doesn't appear that the subscriber opened their email, their inbox did receive it. The second campaign we sent out, however, this particular email did bounce - bounce type was categorized as "Other." I was wondering if anyone could give me some insight as to why this would potentially happen and if I should remove the contact or....?


   My second question has to do with when a subscriber resubscribes to our newsletter. My coworker and I were trying to do some checks and balances the other day, with our websites pop-up to subscribe to our newsletter, and in order to check if it was working properly we had to remove my coworkers email address from Constant Contact to see if it would be re-added when she entered it in the pop-up window. Good news is that it worked and her email address was re-added! The part that confuses me though is why wouldn't she receive our automated welcome email?


Side note: she did receive it when she initially signed up.


   I'm wondering if when someone unsubscribes and then decides to resubscribe, if they've already received the welcome email the first time, does that mean they won't get it again. Is that correct? Is there a way to change this? Hypothetically, if I unsubscribed to our newsletter today, but a year from now decide "ehh let's give it another try", if I've already received a welcome letter that prior year, I wouldn't get a second one a year from now. I feel like that could potentially throw some subscribers off for multiple reasons. Anyway, can someone clarify if I'm correct in my thought process as to why this happened, and if so, is there a work around? 


Thanks again for any help in advance!


Looking forward to hearing from you,


Savannah Brown

9ºNorth Digital Marketing


Hello again @9dNorthDigMarketing !


Keep the questions coming, we love hearing from you guys!


In regards to your first question about why that particular email bounced can be a bit tricky. Many reasons can play into why a email address may bounce once, but not the next time (or vice versa in this case!) At any given moment your contacts could be updating their security programs and email clients, which can block third party senders. I highly recommend taking a look into this article for Managing, Removing, and Preventing Bounced Emails.


As you can see in the article, the "Other" category just means our server was unable to read the message their server had sent us in regards to why the email could not be delivered. What I would advise is to leave this contact in your account. Send them the email again, which you can do with the Quick-send feature. If it bounces again with "Other" as the category you may want to speak with a delivery specialist. They are our experts as far as pin-pointing what causes emails to bounce. You can find information here to speak to a Delivery Specialist!


As for your second question, A welcome email will only be sent once to each unique email address. So since your co-worker had already received the initial welcome email before unsubscribing and then resubscribing, that would be definitely why she did not receive it again.


You make a great point though, many contacts may surely feel like they want to give your emails another chance, and receive that welcome email again! Luckily you can still get them to receive another welcome email. The only real way to do this is if you create multiple welcome emails for specific lists and that contact signs up for a new list that has a different welcome email associated with it. In other words this means if the contact resubscribes to a different list then they had initially done before unsubscribing, they can receive a welcome email specific to that list.


Thank you for being active in the community and asking these great questions, let us know if any further clarification is needed!





Brigitte P
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