Questions about email lists
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Is there a way to know get an email notice when someone joins a list?


Is there a way to see all contacts that have never opened an email?

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Hello ,


You can setup notifications for signups and unsubscribes through the Reporting tab. 


While there isn't a particular way to isolate contacts that have never opened an email, you can usually target low-engagement contacts through the Reporting tab, or through segmentation in the Contacts dashboard. I'd recommend checking out this article regarding contact engagements, as it covers ways you can re-engage the lower level contacts. Once you've made an effort to re-engage them, any that remain low engagement level should probably be deleted to reduce clutter and potentially costs.


You can also create your own sort of least-engaged segmentation, beyond the pre-built algorithmic one. This way you can deliberately target contacts that haven't even opened your material in months or longer, and simply get rid of them if you don't believe they're worth the effort of trying to re-engage. 

William A
Community & Social Media Support