Quotes around email address

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I'm uploading an email list to my contacts.  It is an excel spreadsheet, specifically generated from .  All of the data has quotations around it, including the emails.  When I look on the spreadsheet, they are not there, but are present when I do the upload and therefore render it unusable.  Has anyone experience this and do you have any fixes?


Thank you!

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Hello @FirstNameL841729 ,


Is it a CSV file type or an XLS file type? Are you able to convert it to one or the other, and see if that uploads properly?


Otherwise, when viewing the list in your spreadsheet program, are you able to click on one of the cells, to see if the quotes show then? If so, it may come down to having to manually remove them, or reach out to the source of the file, and ask them if there's another way they can purge the quotations.

William A
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