RE: Appending dynamic URLs


RE: Appending dynamic URLs

Hi there,


Can anyone help with appending dynamic URLs?

We have different landing pages based on customers locations as of now we are using a attribute [contact_attribute:RECIPIENT_COUNTRY_CATALOG] in the landing page Url which gets appended based on the list which we have uploaded.


For Example:
Here is the Url[contact_attribute:RECIPIENT_COUNTRY_CATALOG]


List uploaded parameters:


Landing pages for above customers would be:

The above procedure is being used for the other email service provide which we are using, is this same for Constant contact if not please let me know the process.


Hi @GifitngInc,


Thank you very much for reaching out to the Community with your Custom Code questions! The topic, while a little bit complicated, is a good one, and it is a really good question! So let's jump into it. A dynamic link in Custom Code, must be built as such:


  1. It cannot be tracked, so the tracking information has to be turned off by using an extra "<a></a>" around the link.
  2. The Custom Field call is formatted like so: if you are calling out to the custom field, RECIPIENT_COUNTRY_CATALOG, the code you will use is:
    "<a><a href="$Subscriber.custom.RECIPIENT_COUNTRY_CATALOG"></a></a>"

Let us know if that helped! You can always give our support agents a call as well, they will get you to our senior support representatives, who can advise you on Custom Code campaigns!


Gwendolyn B
Customer Engagement Specialist
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