RSVP Calendar BUG Needs to be Fixed

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RSVP Calendar BUG Needs to be Fixed

I sent an email today in which I inserted an RSVP.  The email was for a meeting that started at 10am and ended at 1:00 pm  Some of my prospective participants alerted me to the fact that when they responsded affirmatively to the RSVP that they were then offered an ADD TO CALENDAR link to click.  When they clicked on this link, they could post the meeting information to their calendar - unfortunately, the time listed is incorrect.  Apparently, the calendar automatically defaults to the Eastern Standard Time and NOT my time zone which is Arizona (currently Pacific Standard Time).


I spoke to a representative who helped me solve this mystery.  He said that he will be reporting this problem to the engineers.  I am sending this feedback to support his request to fix this bug.  Otherwise, the RSVP insert will not be useful to us since it will confuse people if it continues to default to the wrong time zone, contradicting the event time stated in the email.  We were delighted to be able to insert and RSVP and we know our participants appreciate the Add Calendar function.


Thank you for your prompt response to this feedback request.


Peggy Baker

Arizona Emergency Medical Systems, Inc.