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I have called three times and asked where I may find add-ons and have not been helped. It seems that the representatives don't know where a list of add-ons, not integrations, can be found. I have wanted to upgrade my account, select additional services, and do it all at once, with no luck.

Never have I had such a difficult time giving a business more money. 

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Hello @Joshua_Tree_National_Park_Association ,


This is our standard since some of these different add-ons have different ways of being billed, or are fully contracted as professional services. If you call our general support, they can do a mass-selection for most of the add-ons and extra services available on a requested basis, but would need to go through the billing confirmations for each one. Otherwise there is no big list of all possible , payable add-ons within an account at this time. 


If there are specific add-ons you're wanting info on, just let us know. Some add-ons, like archive and advanced form customization, are available by default with Email Plus accounts.


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