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I would like to follow-up on this older post regarding the customisation of a sign-up form. The current posibilities within Constant Contacts seem far too limited. I would would at least to have the fonts of the form change to my website font and be able to control the location of the form. Is there no other way to customise the sign-up forms beyond the current Constant Contacts offering? Thank you.


Hi @Ousmene,


I've separated this post from its original as the original post is related to content that is no longer available and does not apply to this topic anymore.


Please look over this FAQ and pay attention to the second to last paragraph. For ease of reference I've included the relevant content here.


Keep in mind that some of the Inline Sign-up Form's styles can't be customized
before pasting it into the code of your website; it relies on the styles built into your
website. To change the appearance of the sign-up form beyond the background
and button color, you have to choose a new theme or update the CSS in your
website. Your webmaster or the support for your website builder can also help you 
with this.

Jimmy D.
Tier II API Support Engineer