Re: Editing line spacing in CPE


No matter what I do, manually type, paste after clearing formatting, or highlight all text and change line spacing to single, IT IS ALWAYS DOUBLE SPACED. Please help. 


Hello @MyrnaC9 ,


I'm sorry to hear that you've had some trouble with using the line spacing and general formatting of your email. I made a copy of your email (you can see this in your account as the CSCTEST_ version of your latest email), and did some restructuring of it to help with its flow and line spacing issues. I copied all the text that was in the main body, pasted it into Notepad to remove the formatting, deleted the original text block, then inserted a fresh, new one to begin the construction. From there I added the initial text blocks for the article heads and body, and the dividers to split the sections. After that I pasted in the Notepad-cleared text, and added formatting for the font sizes, bolding, links to sites, etc. Hopefully its current structure is more in-line with what you're wanting / expecting to send to to your contacts. 


To aid with the section for features/titles and donation levels, I added each section as separate text blocks beside each other, then copied each row. This way when they rearrange in mobile, they'll still be structure in a comprehendible way. I also took a screencap of how they look in the desktop view, so if you don't like how they'll be automatically restructured by email apps, you can go with the screencap version instead that will maintain the table-like view of the information. Keep in mind the image text will be noticeably smaller compared to the rearranged actual text in the email, since an email app will make the image try to fit the mobile device's skinnier screen.


In regards to the CSCTEST_ copy of your email I made, you're welcome to use it and make any further edits you want. This includes obviously the line spacing, which should be possible now with the 100% purged and re-added formatting. Right now it's 1.2, which is the default.


Going forward, you may want to look into rebuilding your template in the Cross-Device / Platform Editor (CPE), as that has a table block which can make constructing and maintain the structure of such sections more streamlined. Since the person (presumably you?) who reached out to Chat support mentioned this was their first time using our system, it may be better to do this sooner rather than later if you have the time. You're of course welcome to reference any of the articles linked here, check out our Knowledge Base for other article topics (also available in your account through the Help tab in the top-right corner), or call our general support for live 1:1 guidance, troubleshooting, and screensharing if desired.


If a new person is using the account, you may wish to update the Community Screen Name for your account as well.


Please let us know if you have any additional questions.


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