Re: Feedback should go to Constant Contact to FIX ISSUES, not to community for discussion


Re: Feedback should go to Constant Contact to FIX ISSUES, not to community for discussion

Big problem in the software. I found out that even if a client opens an Email, they may STILL get the reminder email; the one that is set up to send if a client DOES NOT OPEN. How annoying for my clients.  I would be Very agrivated by that with all the junk coming in my email.  In fact it may be why some have unsubsidized.  I first noticed it on occasion with myself. But yesterday it clearly happened with a colleague who gets my subscriptions, and I've noticed clients who open, and then open a reminder they should not have gotten.  I've wanted to call and ask about this flaw in your software, but didn't have time to interrupted my day and sit on hold.  This is NOT good and makes constant contact a little too constant! My colleague expressed, I'm putting too much trust in your company,  and why he no longer uses constant contact. 


Hi SabrinaK203!


Thanks for reaching out to the Community with your concern.

How Opens Are Tracked

To track opens, it's a standard practice across the email marketing industry to embed a unique, transparent, single-pixel image into every email that's sent. The image pixel is completely invisible and has no impact on your email design. When contacts open your email, a call is made to our server to load the email content, including the image pixel. Every time the image pixel is called, it counts as an open, and because the image pixel is unique to your email, the opens are also unique to your email.


You may be wondering what happens to the open tracking when your contacts can't see the images displayed in your email. We have a back-up plan in place for that! If the image pixel doesn't display when the email is opened, we track any links that are clicked in the email. It's not perfect because we can't track emails that were opened but no links were clicked. However, it ensures that we capture as many opens as possible.


Opens That Can't Be Tracked

Images Blocked by an Email Provider - Email opens can't be tracked when the image pixel can't display. For most of your contacts, this happens when their email provider doesn't support images, when they've blocked images from displaying for content concerns, or because images use extra data on a mobile device. If your contacts let you know they can't see the images in their emails, you can help them enable them in their email client, but there isn't much more you can do about missing images.

Text-only Version of an Email - Every email that's sent has both an HTML version and a text-only version. When you send your email, both versions go out to your contacts and their email client decides which email they see. The image pixel is not supported in the text-only version of the email, so the only way to track opens is when your contacts click a link in the email. Most of the larger email providers (Outlook, Gmail, Yahoo, etc.) support the HTML version, but you have no control over which version your contacts see. To increase the chances of collecting opens information, make sure there's at least one link in your email and it’s formatted to get more clicks.


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