Re: I want to align images!

Re: I want to align images!

Left aligned linked image shows up correctly on the website in the new editor, but the actual email sent displays the image as centered with wide margins, leaving a 1 character wide line of text running down the right side of the image's outer right margin.  Would be able to fix if I could access html, as I could in my older responsive design, but I'm no longer allowed to use it.  Really wish the new editor allowed users to edit html.  Those who don't know html wouldn't click the button, but for those that do, it allows one to easily troubleshoot alignment and other errors that invariably crop up with with drag and drop editors.


Hello @LowerGreatLakesEmmyAwards ,


What email client / version are you seeing this occur? I wasn't able to recreate in my Gmail or Outlook which means would indicate it's something that's more client-specific in the Display issue. Are you able to confirm this issue happening for other test send recipients in their email clients?

William D
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