Re: Make it easier to Resubscribe contacts we have Unsubscribed

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Hi, I'm also noticing issues where when a subscriber unsubscribes, then resubscribes, the new subscriber is captured in Shopify, but it's not being synced up to Constant Contact. There must be some logic in the backend that only captures brand new unique subscribers, which is annoying because sometimes people will resubscribe for maybe a discount code or something, and we want to capture them back. Is there a way to fix this so that Constant Contact is always synced up with the Shopify contacts? Because right now, I'm testing it out with two test emails that have unsubscribed, and resubscribed, and I have 230 contacts in Shopify but 288 in Constant Contact. 

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Hello @JosephineH33 ,

I'd recommend calling our general support, and requesting a transfer to the Tier 2 integrations team so they can perform advanced troubleshooting live with you.

William A
Community & Social Media Support