Re: WElcome Email Not Sending!


Re: WElcome Email Not Sending!

How do I change the settings so that my Welcome letter will automatically be sent to new subscribers as it is supposed to do?  Right now,, none of my new subscribers are receiving the Welcome letter, even though the letter is set for autoresponse.  


I found the information found in the link provided to address this issue to be overly complicated and confusing for a novice like me.  There must be a simpler way to resolve what should not even be a problem.  I am frustrated by this problem as it has a significant adverse effect on the success of my blog. I would appreciate any useful advice or solutions to this problem.  Thank you.




Thank you for reaching out on the Community!


I am sorry to hear that the Welcome Email is not being sent to all of your contacts. The Welcome email is set to go out to Contacts who join your list via an online signup form. Simply adding them to your account will not trigger that email. That said, we do have an additional Autoresponder feature that you could use to automatically send an email once you add someone to a list. Click Here for some more information on that.


Please let us know if you have additional questions. Thanks!

Evan G.
Customer Engagement Specialist
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