Read more and Facebook notes


Read more and Facebook notes

How can I link my Read more to my Facebook note that I've written without it asking my readers to sign into Facebook?  I've managed it before last year, but for the life of me can't remember how I did it.  And when can I actually speak to someone as it's 12.35pm here in the UK and I really need to get this newsletter out today?


Hello @Christineg9,


Thank you for reaching out to the community!


I understand that you are attempting to create a link that does not make your contacts sign in to their Facebook page in order to visit a link that resides on Facebook. Unfortunately, this is not possible with anything that is hosted on Facebook because it is required to log in to see any page that is hosted on their website. I recommend hosting this article on your website, on a blog, or in a document link with a PDF or Docx file. This will allow your readers to view the material that you are sending them without the need to sign in to an account.


For your reference, our international contact information and hours of operation can be found here.


I hope this helps!


-Curtis P
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